We provide home nursing service that helps in the maintenance, promotion and restoration of health and well-being of people. We have a team of expert medical professionals who are entitled to do medical monitoring and regular check-ups of patients. In present times, health and fitness are two very important aspects in every family. Home care service is meant to provide proper care and attention to elderly people. People hire these types of home caregivers because they not onlytake propermedical care but also provide some additional benefits such asregular check-ups, emergency medical assistance and the like. The best part of this service is that your elderly parents will feel happy to get such expert service in the comfort of home.
JyotiSeva Kendra is one of the best elder care Kolkata. Our nursing staffs are learned to provide basic medical treatment to patients to maintain a good health. By hiring us, you can assure a healthy life for your parents.

Features & Spotlight

With our Home nursing service, you can easily manage the health of your family members and elderly parents. Our home health care service is less expensive than private nursing homes.