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The medical cronies at Jyoti Seva Kendra believe that patients recover better when they are among their near and dear ones. The Jyoti Seva Kendra brings all the medical equipment, state of the art medical facilities, and high-quality comfort in your home. If you are an elderly patient or suffering from a chronic disease, you can go home and relax at home. The Jyoti Seva Kendra provides the best home nursing services in Kolkata.

What are in-home nursing services?

The home nursing services related to the state of the art medical facilities that are arranged to encompass all the healthcare service in your home. When you take up the home care nursing services you will be amazed at the wide range of health services they provide. At Jyoti Seva Kendra, the home care nursing services are effectively offered at a cheaper price. You will be amazed that the in-home nursing services are cheaper and more effective than the services offered in the hospitals and nursing homes.
The nursing care at home is available with personalized services at home. The home nursing services are more compassionate towards the patients than they are at any hospital. The nursing service is integrated as per the family needs and the patient demands. The nurses become more empathetic towards the patient and develop a family bond with them; hence the care.
When you contact Jyoti Seva Kendra for nursing services at home in Kolkata, you get a wide range of home nursing services. The facilities include physiotherapists, listed nurses, therapists, blood collectors, motivators and many such service provider. When you are hiring home nursing services in Kolkata, you need not worry about the quality of the services. According to health experts, the home nursing services was known by different names but the idea was not clear among the patients. However, with the change in time, the difference between home care and in-home care is understood well.
The in-home care is the non-medical care services that include companionship and supervised personal care. However, in-home nursing services are the appointment of skilled nurses who are well-equipped with medical knowledge and can perform medical treatments at home.

Healthcare at home Kolkata

The main aim of providing home care nursing services in Kolkata is to treat illness with utmost care. The nurse at home services provides treatment to surgical wounds, nutrition therapy, give injections, monitoring daily medical issues, reading various machines, and monitoring unstable health status.

Services offered by home nursing services in Kolkata


You can hire a nurse at home service to give vaccination at home. There are many contagious diseases which require the patient to stay at home under the utmost care. The Jyoti Seva Kendra provides nurse at home services to give vaccination for pneumonia, Typhoid, H1N1, Hepatitis and many other infectious diseases.

Post-surgical care

The best home nursing services provide skilled nurses withpost-surgical care. The post-surgical wounds are very critical and are utmost painful as well. The home nursing services in Kolkata provide nurses are skilled and offer care which includes pain management, fluid management,and respiratory management. Patients can recover very fast under the home care nursing services.

Oxygen administration

The home nursing services in Kolkata provide oxygen administration for patients suffering from any type of chronic diseases.

Catheterisation services by a home nurse in Kolkata

If you have undergone any surgery, the home nurse in Kolkatais skilled to provide urinary catheterization services. They can insert, manage and remove the catheter easily.

Benefits of hiring home care nursing services

What should you expect from a home nurse in Kolkata?

Cost of a nurse at home Kolkata

Our home nursing services in Kolkata is highly in demand due to the professionalism and skilled nurses. We offer nurses who are knowledgeable about the latest medical equipment and know how to monitor them well. our nurses are not only professional but also generate family bonding with the patient.
The home nursing services in Kolkata are much cheaper than the hospitals and private nursing home. Through the best home nursing services, you save a lot of money on the hospitalization charges and nursing charges. The nursing services provide home care that helps you recover faster in the familiar surroundings. The cost of a nurse at home Kolkata is approximately 40% lesser than the hospitalization charges.
Looking at the benefits the home nursing services in Kolkata offers, various insurance companies have collaborated with us to provide health care insurance. The cost of insurance depends on the factors like the seriousness of decades, your residential status, type of care you need and many more. The benefits covered may vary between 3years to 5 years depending on the chronicity of your disease.
Prior to being the best home nursing services in Kolkata, we provide you with the below benefits:
You can avail a team of expert nurses who are highly qualified and experienced to treat any type of chronic diseases at home.