We assemble a Dedicated Nursing Team To Fulfil Your Needs Because your Health Is Our Priority

JyotiSeva Kendra is a home nursing agency that provides skilled nursing services to people of Kolkata. Our nursing professionals are registered, licensed and certified professionals who are catering to the needs of people for many years.


We are one of the best nursing service Kolkata. We offer customised services to our clients so that they can expect to get the best result from our end.

JyotiSeva Kendra is a West Bengal government affiliated organization, serving for 15 years with all the due responsibilities and commitment. Gentlemen and women who are looking for a job or employers looking for employees, we act as the connecting platform so that our services can prove beneficial to both the groups. We strive hard to cater to the needs of people in need of work or agencies in need of workers. Whether it is old men, women, disabled people in need of looking after or care support and assistance, we are committed to offer dedicated services. We not only make tall claims, we deliver what we promise.


Our Service Strategies

We are one of the best nursing service Kolkata. We offer customised services to our clients so that they can expect to get the best result from our end.

“We follow modern medical technology to provide thebest care to our patients.”

At JyotiSeva Kendra, we train our staffs following a clinical rotation and teach them to provide all medical facilities. We are committed to check clinical and academic excellence of every staff that ensures high-quality service from our end. Our medical facilities are equipped with modern apparatus. Our medical staffs follow advanced technology and treatment.

Home Nursing Care 80%
Sister Service 90%
Baby Care Service 70%
Male Attendant Service 85%

Doctor's Departments

Cardiology Department

Our cardiology department is comprised of an expert team of consultants, doctors and nurses who diagnose and treat people suffering from heart diseases. Patients can expect to get constant care and support from our medical experts.

Oncology (Surgery) Department

Our oncology department uses a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing, screening and treating patients who are fighting with cancer. Our latest treatment protocols are associated with specialised expertise for breast cancer, brain cancer, prostate and digestive system.

Eye Department

We provide effective eye treatment to patients. Our eye department provides treatment for low vision condition, contact lens fitting, blindness and the like.


Our neurology department works closely with the department of neurosurgery. Our expert health care service is associated with the latest medical technology that aims at providing effective treatment for chronic illness and brain trauma.

Critical Care Department

The specialists at critical care department provide effective treatment to patients who are suffering from life-threatening diseases or have undergone major surgical operations. We provide direct care to patients 24x7.