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Now you don’t need to worry about your loved ones.

At Jyoti Seva Kendra, you will get the best senior home care service
by our professional nursing assistants and ayas.


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Now you don’t need to worry about your loved ones.

At Jyoti Seva Kendra, you will get the best senior home care service
by our professional nursing assistants and ayas.


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Welcome to Jyoti Seva Kendra

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Ayah Service

Jyoti Seva Kendra is Kolkata’s one of the popular comprehensive home health care service provider for senior citizens and elderly people.


Nursing Service

Looking for nursing service for your elderly parents? Your search stops here at JyotiSeva Kendra that provides effective home nursing care to all ages of people and children.


Physiotherapist Service

If anyone needs physiotherapy treatment, JyotiSeva Kendra offers expert physiotherapy treatment at home. People who are not able to make it to the clinic, for them this is the best solution.


Male Attendant Service

Many families require a good attendant to take proper care of the patients who need more attention at home. JyotiSeva Kendra, being a leading nursing care agency in Kolkata aims at fulfilling these requirements of people.


Baby Care Service

Fail to give proper care to your baby, don't worry, we are here to provide you with the best baby care service in Kolkata. Our baby care service is a modern addition to the hectic lives of people.


Eldercare Service

Welcome to the elder care service at JyotiSeva Kendra. We are the best elder care Kolkata and feel honoured to serve so many people over the years.


What makes us Different?

Reasons to Choose Us

Advantages of 24 hours Ambulance Service

At JyotiSeva Kendra, you will get 24x7 ambulance service. Our ambulance service offers immediate and emergency medical support to patients. If any patient requires urgent medical care, we are available all the time. Give us a call and we will be at your service.


Advantages of Eldercare Service

We mainly focus on providing restorative care to elderly people. Our tailored elderly care service maximises people’s independence by focusing on their personal needs and goals.


Advantages of Child Care

We offer effective child care service to our clients. This concept is a modern addition to the busy lifestyles of parents who fail to provide enough time and attention to their children. Therefore, to give proper care to your child, give us a call and relax.


Advantages of Home Nursing

We are recognised as the most preferred choice for home nursing in Kolkata. We provide skilled nursing attendants for our clients who need hospital care in the comfort of home.


Advantages of Health Care

We provide professional health care service to our clients. Our expert professionals believe in maintaining an active body and mind so that our clients can get effective health care treatment from us.

Services We offer

Depending on your requirements, we have categorised our services. We have a team of registered health care professionals who will constantly assist you to fulfil your needs.

Doctor's Departments

Cardiology Department

Our cardiology department is comprised of an expert team of consultants, doctors and nurses who diagnose and treat people suffering from heart diseases. Patients can expect to get constant care and support from our medical experts.

Oncology (Surgery) Department

Our oncology department uses a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing, screening and treating patients who are fighting with cancer. Our latest treatment protocols are associated with specialised expertise for breast cancer, brain cancer, prostate and digestive system.

Eye Department

We provide effective eye treatment to patients. Our eye department provides treatment for low vision condition, contact lens fitting, blindness and the like.


Our neurology department works closely with the department of neurosurgery. Our expert health care service is associated with the latest medical technology that aims at providing effective treatment for chronic illness and brain trauma.

Critical Care Department

The specialists at critical care department provide effective treatment to patients who are suffering from life-threatening diseases or have undergone major surgical operations. We provide direct care to patients 24x7.

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“Loving and caring are both synonymous and profoundly enunciates high quality human care. We believe that this qualifies our basic religion. We do provide utmost care for human patients. Quality Nursing Care in our own battleground and we invariably expect to win that war! Abject failure is not in our vocabulary.”

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Health Strategy

“We follow a comprehensive health strategy to provide best services to our clients”

Baby Care

Baby care services are provided by many agencies in these days. However, the selection of a reliable agency is the most important task which you must do very carefully. [...]


Elder Care Service

Elder care service at JyotiSeva Kendra is dedicated to serve the needs of elderly and aged people who are not physically capable of meeting their everyday needs. [...]



Some people are not even able to go to the clinics to receive physiotherapy treatment. We understand the requirements of people and therefore, provide regular physiotherapy treatment to patients by our skilled therapists. [...]


Meet our Happy Clients

“Your words make us better”
  • Avatar Sanjib Das Heart Patient Barackpur

    Hi, I am from Barackpur and I am an IT professional. Two months ago, my father survived a heart attack and he became bedridden. He was not even capable of doing his daily work such as bathing, dressing, feeding, etc. and there was no one in the house to take care of him. Then I hired day nursing care service of JyotiSeva Kendra. They have taken intensive care of my father. They not only provide medical treatment but also assist in doing daily household activities.

  • Avatar Amit Sinha Parents New Alipur

    We were in search of a baby care service provider. One of my friends suggests me the name of this organisation that offers baby care service. We talked to them and got a reliable babysitter who takes proper care of our child. Now, I can sit in relaxat theoffice without worrying aboutour child’s safety. Thanks to JyotiSeva Kendra.

  • Avatar Satyabrata Mukherjee Kidney Dum Dum
    Hello, My name is Satyabrata Mukherjee. Two years ago I was diagnosed with kidney problems. I was getting sick each passing day. Then, I come to know about this organisation that offers effective health care service. I talked with their expert doctors and followed their treatment and now I am leading a healthy life. They had given me a new life when I lost all my hopes to stand again. I am very thankful to their expert team of doctors who took special care of me.
  • Avatar Vettle Smith Arthritis Garia

    I have been suffering from physiotherapy problem for a long time. One month ago, I became severely ill and not even able to get up from my bed. Then I come to know about this nursing agency that offers home physiotherapy treatment to patients. I called them and told my problem. They sent an expert physiotherapist who makes me stand on my feet again.